ENVAIR Make Hydraulic oil cleaner has following distinct features.

1. EFFECTIVE & EFICIENT CLEANING Cleaning based on electrostatic separation. S.S.Stack with sliding arrangement. Positive displacement gear pump for controlled flow. Ball bearing motor for continuous operation. Multi pleat collector paper for larger collection area. Coalisation.

2. DURABLE Heavy gauge M.S. (C.R.C.A) Sheet metal fabrication. Fabrication pretreated in seven tank phosphating system for derusting & degreasing. Oven baked stoving enamel painting.

3. SAFE OPERTION Limit switch is provided to ensure that panel doors and top cover of cleaning cell is properly closed. It also ensures protection against high voltage, when doors are opened. Combined ELCB,MCB to trip the input electrical supply. Over current & overload protection. Cooling fan inside the control panel to maintain optimum temperature.

4. EASY MONITORING Separate control valve to control the oil flow.(Optional) Flow control valve. (Optional) Rotameter to measure flow rate when the unit is working.(Optional) Time totaliser to indicate total time taken by unit to clean the oil.

5. MOBILITY The Machine is provided with castor wheels. Can be moved easily on the shop floor, making it convenient to move it closer to the hydraulic machine for which oil has to be cleaned.

6. EASY OPERATION & MAINTENANCE Operator friendly machine. Can be operated & maintained easily at very low costs. It can be connected directly to the tank of the hydraulic machine for which oil has to be cleaned.

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