Fan Filter Unit(FFU) is air cleaning equipment to supply purified air to the clean room for manufacturing electronics components, food products, pharmaceuticals , health care or any precision engineering products .The installation space is the system ceiling grid. For a large clean room, a large number of FFU are required depending upon class of cleanliness.


  • Modular Design to change layouts
  • Low Height & Weight.
  • Air Tight Performance
  • Low Noise & Vibration
  • Ductable Design
  • Cost optimization
  • HEPA and ULPA filters (Mostly minipleat) Choose either a HEPA Filter 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron or ULPA Filter 99.9995% eff. @ 0.12 Micron filters
  • Various optional accessories like prefilter Diffusion plate,pressure gauge
  • Group control management system
  • Fixed speed or variable speed control
  • Horizontal flow table unit


Envair Fan Filter Units are self-contained, motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters. Envair FFU's can be used in either horizontal or vertical flow positions, wherever clean air is needed.
They are designed for easy connection to the building power & Air Handelling system and are equipped with a pre-filter, four clips located at all corners for providing strong suspension points.
Housings are fabricated from 18-gauge steel with a white powder coat finish or thermoformed plastic or GI or aluminum or stainless steel. Envair FFU are Tested as per Std. ISO �?14644 & US FED STD.209

Sr. No.


Filtration Area

Overall Size (WXDXH)

Capacity CMH


EFFU �?1

2�?X 2�?lt;/p>

710 X 710 X 300 MM



EFFU - 2

4�?X 2�?lt;/p>

1320 X 710 X 300 MM


Note: - Individual Fan Filter Units Can be Assembled together to form any Size of the as per the requirement.

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  • fumhood
  • airtunnel
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  • cleanroom
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