Envair manufactures the finest ergonomic console furniture in INDIA. We can meet your needs with our customized console furniture lines, or with original designs made to your specifications.

Envair Control consoles are suitable for control rooms, command centers, dispatch centers, traffic management centers (TMC), network operations centers (NOC), emergency management centers (EOC), call centers, conference and training rooms. We can design, manufacture and install an up-to-date network operations center tailored to your business. We start by analyzing your specific needs for consoles, as well as your long-term goals for the project. We can create console furniture for command modules, workstations, trading rooms, conference rooms, and any other area in the workplace. Next,

our team of furniture designers develop possible configurations. We provide architectural drawings which feature multiple detailed views. Working closely with you, we make all necessary revisions to initial design concepts to arrive at the best possible solution for your control rooms. We help you bring your vision of the perfect control center consoles to realization.


Ergonomics Full front cover provides modesty screen for the leg area. The ergonomic leg space enables free movement of the chair in the link up area .Spacious desk depth up to 1000 mm for setting up 21Monitors.

Cable routing For Cable and installation of equipment, front and rear covers completely removed. Simple and dust protected cable entry from above in the cable duct. Brush strip across the entire desk width.

Cable Management Separate horizontal and vertical cable routing in cable basked trays and cable routing in cable basket trays and cable routing rings. Easy cable via corner components.


Console Hood with 15 slope working height 870mm

19 Mounting arrangement

Hand resting portion 50 mm Available with 19 pedestal Tilting shelf for mounting PC Uniform flat desktop surface Cable shaft accessible from front and rear

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